Call for proposals

The Swiss Lung Association is supporting research projects and researchers are invited to submit their proposal.

The following topics are supported:

Projects related to lung health as defined below. The budget range for a single grant usually is at CHF 40'000.- to 180'000.-

a) Pneumology: basic research (experimental research) and clinical research,

b) Social medicine/science, public health and health economics,

c) Epidemiology (dissemination, causes and effects of diseases in populations),

d) Air pollution control and air quality,

e) Prevention


Researchers working in Switzerland are entitled to participate and apply for support for a research project of their choice in the above-mentioned fields by submitting the relevant application form electronicly. Main applicants can only have one running project at a time. Therefore, a new application will only be considered after the completion of a previous project.
The evaluation procedure is divided into two phases: Formal selection and scientific assessment.

Requirements for formal selection

  • Observance of the deadline
  • Online submission of the duly completed application
  • Submission in English
  • Authorised signature of the principal investigator
  • The PI of the study must be employed at a Swiss institution
  • Applicants are obliged to observe the ethical principles and guidelines of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAM)
  • The Research Fund of Swiss Lung Association does not support any project of applicants with relation to the tobacco industry

Project grants are awarded through a competitive process by applying the following criteria.

Assessment criteria for scientific evaluation

  • Compliance with the activities, topics and foci of Research Fund of the Swiss Lung Association
  • Originality of the issue to be researched, a novel idea, vision, aim of the study, its comparative advantage
  • Scientific quality (study design and concept, theoretical approach, working hypothesis)
  • Feasibility (methods, working process, project environment, access to infrastructure, timeframe) and cost/benefit ratio, budget justification, adequate to the budget of Research Fund of the Swiss Lung Association
  • References (expertise and qualification of applicant(s) and/or the research team regarding the field of study, pilot study if applicable, mentoring, «letter of support»)
  • Financing of project secured

Final decisions are communicated to applicants after the relevant meeting of the Research Committee, which will take place approximately three to four months after the submission date. The decision of the Research Committee has to be accepted, legal recourse is excluded.

To be sure you will be able to fulfill its conditions, please take the time to read the grant agreement carefully before submitting your application. Click here for more information about the application process.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at