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10.03.15 12:48 Allergy or something else
Mary Balikungeri
Good morning Dr. Robert. I am a suisse living abroad since July and I am experiencing a dry cough which has persited. And this comes with heart burns. I would like to know whether there is a relationship of the stomach, poumon etc i find this worrysome. I hope you can advise what this situation is likely to be. End of this month I will be travelling to Geneva and would like to do indepth exam of my lungs, may be you can advise which Dr to see. Thank you in advance.
10.03.15 14:36
Robert Thurnheer
Yes, gastroesophageal reflux is an important possible cause of chronic cough. On most occasions, doctors choose an empirical therapy with tablets, so called proton-pump Inhibitors at a moderate or high dosage (40-80 mg/day) and await the Evolution vor 4-8 wks. One could also first do a formal gastroscopy, there is no general rule.
Of course there are a lot other possibilities of causes which may keep you coughing. But this could be a first step too look and see.
If you do not have a GP in Geneva, just look up in the phone book for a specialiste de Pneumologie FMH and ask for an appointment.
If Proton pump blockes won't work, then your doctor will do a formal work-up of other causes and hopefully bring you a big step further. Wish you the very best.
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