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Supported projects 2020

Drug tolerance in chronic respiratory infections

Dr. Lucas Boeck, University Hospital Basel


Altitude-induced breathing, sleep and cognitive impairments in healthy individuals older than 40 years and effect of preventive acetazolamide. Randomized, placebo-controlled, double blind trial.

Dr. Michael Furian, University Hospital Zurich


Efficacy of ready4life - a digital coaching program for addiction prevention among vocational school students in Switzerland (Type 2)

Dr. Severin Haug, University of Zurich


Effects of hypoxia on pulmonary hemodynamics at rest and during exercise – implications and therapeutic strategies for patients with COPD

Dr. Mona Lichtblau, University Hospital Zurich


A simplified method of twitch mouth pressure measurement for the diagnosis of diaphragmatic dysfunction

Dr. Georgia Mitropoulou, University Hospital Lausanne


Lung microbiome in obesity-associated asthma: cause or consequence?

Dr. Niki Ubags, University Hospital Lausanne


Effects of air pollution on lung function and lung growth in Swiss children

Dr. Jakob Usemann, University Children’s Hospital Zurich